In an age of microaggression and political correctness, Kazingram Dialogue exists to have honest conversations with the sharpest minds on neuroscience, religion, philosophy, and culture.

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“This is an amazing group, engaging, as they do, with a wonderful group of guest authors and speakers for the purpose of encouraging dialogue and a reflective understanding of the issues which shape our current political and intellectual culture. I have had many hours of enjoyment reading their posts and listening to their guests, from topics on historical theology to free speech. “


Hugh Hunter on How to be a Philosopher

In this episode we discuss what it means to be a philosopher, how one can become a philosopher, how the present state of academia can help and hinder genuine thinking, and what the future practice of philosophy might look like.

Jim Madden on Learning to be Free

In this episode we discuss the type of life a philosopher must live, how one learns to become free in the face of modern nihilism, and Jim’s upcoming book Thinking about Thinking: Mind and Meaning in the Era of Technological Nihilism.

Kaelynne Makan on Love and Overcoming Suffering

In this episode I.J. and Kaelynne Makan discuss marriage, love, child loss, the importance of habits, and how experiencing as well as overcoming suffering shapes both humans and human relationships.

Samuel Sey on Critical Race Theory

Samuel Sey is an author, speaker, and blogger. In this episode we discuss the history and tenants of Critical Race Theory, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the fallout from Sam’s recent talk at Ambrose University.

Jason Eberl on the Nature of Human Persons

In this episode we discuss Jason’s new book, The Nature of Human Persons, whether humans have a soul, the relationship of the mind and body, what constitutes death, the possibility of resurrection, and the possibility of alien life.

Jim Madden on Technology, Academia, and Aliens

In this episode we talk with Jim Madden about risk asymmetries in modern academia, Heidegger’s critique of technology and how technology shapes humanity’s relationship with the world, aliens, the philosophy of mind, and the importance of having skin in the game.

Stefany Nieto on Psychedelics

In this episode our host I. J. Makan talks to Stefany about the founding of Green Iglua and Gwella, the psychology of psychedelics and paranormal experience, the war on drugs and the future of medicinal psychedelics, and more.

Joel Nicoloff on the Problem with Big Government

In this episode we talk with Joel Nicoloff about the COVID-19 lockdowns, libertarianism, the role of government intervention, the centralization of government power, and whether conservatives should support free markets.

Adam Cohen-Aslatei on the Future of Online Dating

In this episode we talk to Adam about S’more, the dating app he founded that is aimed at rejecting the superficiality of online dating in favor of forming intentional long-term relationships. We also discuss the future of online dating, including the integration of virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence.

Karen Stiller on Writing a Memoir and Being a Minister’s Wife

In this episode we talk with Karen Stiller about her recently released memoir The Minister’s Wife, what lead her to write it, the social struggles and blessings of being a minister’s wife, as well as the importance of honesty for life and good writing.

Jim Madden on Mortality, Meaning, and Family

In this episode, Jim Madden returns to discuss his experience with getting Covid-19, mortality, finding meaning in one’s life, the meaning of religious language, the loss of culture in North America and how this cripples our ethics, as well as raising a family in the modern world.

Suan S. on Catholicism and Conservatism

In this episode we discuss Suan’s friendship with Sir Roger Scruton, Catholicism and the Papacy, Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court, and the present state of American conservatism.

Sophie Thomas on Fitness, Values, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

In this episode we talk to Sophie about the relation between philosophy and the value structures that underlie training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the importance of comradery in learning martial arts, the formation of cultures, and Portuguese linguistics.

Amos Dowber on Tradition and the Sources of Western Culture

In this episode, our editor in chief, I.J. Makan, talks to editor, Amos Dowber, about the importance of tradition in communicating knowledge, tradition vs traditionalism, the middle eastern sources of “Western culture,” political violence, and the political co-opting of religion.

Candice Malcolm on Trudeau’s WE Charity Scandal

Candice Malcolm is the founder and editor and chief of True North, an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan organization that conducts research and investigative journalism into important public issues in Canada. She is an author, an investigative journalist, and a nationally syndicated columnist with the Toronto Sun.

Lyman Stone on Population, Demographics, and the Future of North America

Lyman Stone is is an Adjunct Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies. Lyman has been a consultant for businesses on demographic trends, a Lutheran missionary in Hong Kong, and an agricultural economist at USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He has an MA in international trade policy…

Paul Franks on the Problem of Evil and Human Suffering

In this episode we talk with Paul Franks about the book he recently edited Explaining Evil: Four Views, the problem of evil, the nature of evil, the role of suffering in human life, the publishing industry, and political correctness.

Amos Dowber on The Ethics of the Common Good

In this episode, editor-in-chief I.J. Makan talks with editor Amos Dowber about rights and their relation to the common good, how this affects our conception of property and right to life issues. They also discuss cancel culture and the social impact of Christianity.

Jian “Jeff” Guo on the Afterlife, Sex, and Gun Laws in Canada

Jian “Jeff” Guo is a computer scientist and engineer. He is also a mixed martial artist, painter, and a singer.In this episode we discuss the afterlife from an agnostic/Buddhist perspective, traditional medicine, the sex industry, gun laws in Canada, and police brutality.

Igor Gontcharov on the War on Drugs

Igor Gontcharov is a policy analyst currently working for the Canadian Federal Government. His focus is on the promotion of science and results based policy over emotionally driven policy.

Gaven Kerr on God, Being, and Realism

Gaven Kerr is a lecturer in Philosophy at St. Patrick’s College Maynooth in Ireland. His areas of expertise are in medieval philosophy (especially the work of Thomas Aquinas) and modern philosophy (with a focus on Immanuel Kant). He is the author of Aquinas’s Way to God: The Proof in De Ente et Essentia, a study…

Amos Dowber on Localism

In this episode, our host, I.J. Makan, sits down with Amos Dowber, the editor, to talk about the long-term effects of the lockdowns, Small towns, and Localism.

Darnell Samuels on Training, Coaching, and Competition

In this episode we talk about training and self-mastery, the role of unsupervised play and bullying in socialization, life lessons Darnell learned working in Ontario subsidized housing projects and as a basketball coach, and the importance of competition in society.

Kazingram Roundtable with Axel Kazadi

Welcome to our first Kazingram Roundtable. We decided that in addition to our regular podcast we wanted to have a forum where both of our editors could sit down and have more personal discussions with friends of the Podcast. Axel is a PhD student in theology at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. He specializes in…

James Madden on Freedom, Education, and the Good Life

In this episode Jim returns to discuss Covid-19 and the future of education, Ancient Greek and early Christian ideas of freedom, discipline, the good life (and how these relate to practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), psychedelic, and the role contemplating death plays in living the good life.

Jason Manning on Microaggressions and Violence

Jason Manning is a professor of Sociology at West Virginia University. He is an expert on the sociology of conflict, social control, and the sociology of suicide. Together with our last guest, Bradley Campbell, Jason is co-author of The Rise of Victimhood Culture.

Bradley Campbell on the Sociology of Victimhood Culture

Bradley Campbell is a Professor of Sociology at California State University in Los Angeles. He specializes in the sociology of moral conflict. Much of his past work has focused on the sociology of genocide but he has recently begun to study moral conflict on modern college campuses.

Jibb Smart on the Gyro Revolution

Jibb Smart is a programmer, game maker, and the creator of GyroWiki, where he explains and advocates for new and better ways to play games.

Zuby on the Politics of Transgenderism

Zuby is a rapper, podcaster, author, and outspoken critic of political correctness. He has released 3 eps and 5 albums including most recently, Perserverance. He is the host of Real Talk with Zuby, a podcast discussing contemporary cultural issues and the author of Strong advice: Zuby’s Guide to Fitness for Everybody.

Human Consciousness and Martial Arts with James Madden

James Madden is an author, speaker, martial artist, and Professor of Philosophy at Benedictine College. Check out his book on the philosophy of mind “Mind, Matter, and Nature: A Thomistic Proposal for the Philosophy of Mind (Catholic University of America Press)”.

Canada’s Indigenous Problem with Frances Widdowson

Frances Widdowson is an author, a public intellectual, and Associate Professor of Political Science at Mount Royal University. Her new book is “Separate but Unequal: How Parallelist Ideology Conceals Indigenous Dependency” (University of Ottawa Press)


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