Darnell Samuels on Training, Coaching, and Competition

Darnell Samuels is a journalist who is well-versed in the disciplines of history, theology and economics. He is the co-host of The Six Cents Report, where he analyzes events that impact Canadians from a theological and economic perspective. He also hosts the Thanks Coach podcast, a docu-series detailing the successes, challenges and life lessons learned by players and coaches who have impacted Canadian basketball.

In this episode we talk about training and self-mastery, the role of unsupervised play and bullying in socialization, life lessons Darnell learned working in Ontario subsidized housing projects and as a basketball coach, and the importance of competition in society. 

You can find Darnell on Twitter @dogudda_darnell and Instagram. Check out his blog High End Theories

LISTEN to it on:

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