Joel Nicoloff and Darnell Samuels on the role of Government and the Lockdowns

Darnell Samuels and Joel Nicoloff are hosts of The Six Cents Report, where they analyze events that impact Canadians from a theological and economic perspective.

Darnell is a journalist who is well-versed in the disciplines of history, theology and economics. In addition to the Six Cents Report, he also hosts the Thanks Coach podcast, a docu-series detailing the successes, challenges and life lessons learned by players and coaches who have impacted Canadian basketball.

Joel is a husband and father of two, a professional account, and an autodidact. He enjoys intellectual conversations about theology, economics, philosophy, and politics. He has a principle-based approach for analyzing issues and consequently has many contrarian perspectives.

In this episode editor-in-chief I.J. Makan and editor Amos Dowber sit down with Joel and Darnell to discuss the lockdowns, the purpose of law and the government, liberty, and the common good.

You can find Darnell on Twitter @dogudda_darnell and Instagram. Check out his blog High End Theories

You can also find Joel on Twitter @tjoeln39 and Instagram.

LISTEN to it on:

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