Lyman Stone on Population, Demographics, and the Future of North America

Photo by Xyza Cruz for Bloomberg Buisnessweek

Lyman Stone is is an Adjunct Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies. His work has been published in a number of major newspapers including the Atlantic, Vox, Newsweek, the Federalist, and more. Lyman has been a consultant for businesses on demographic trends, a Lutheran missionary in Hong Kong, and an agricultural economist at USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. He has an MA in international trade policy from the George Washington University.

In this episode our editor Amos sits down with Lyman to discuss the current slump in North American birthrate, why that might spell economic downturn as well as social unrest in our near future, and potential solutions to the problem.

You can follow Lyman on twitter @lymanstoneky

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