Kazingram Magazine is a place for open and rational dialogue in the pursuit of truth.

We believe that ideas—orthodox or heterodox—should be well argued and be open to challenge; that ideas can change the world for the good; that humans are rational and that it is our duty to pursue the common good; and that truth transcends time and culture. For this reason, we chose the word kazingram which means heaven in Tangkhul.

Why does Kazingram Magazine exist?

In an age divided by philosophy, politics, and religion, where microaggression and political correctness run rampant, we invite people with opposing views to come together and rationally discuss their ideas for the common good.

How does Kazingram Magazine work?

Simple, you can read the articles online or listen to them.

Can I pitch an idea?

Of course, if you have an idea for an article or would like to write a rebuttal to an article, please send us your idea or completed draft at kazingrammag@gmail.com.