Kazingram Dialogue is a digital magazine and podcast dedicated to the pursuit of truth through open and rational dialogue.

We believe ideas can positively change the world and that truth transcends culture and time. For this reason, we chose the word Kazingram meaning heaven in Tangkul.

In an age of microaggression and political correctness divided by philosophy, politics, and religion, Kazingram Dialogue exists to solve the problem of one-sided discussions. These happen when a platform only presents its side of the argument and dismisses the alternative view as uninformed or ignorant. We invite people with opposing views to come together and rationally discuss their ideas–orthodox or heterodox–in pursuit of the common good.



I.J. Makan – Editor-in-chief and Podcast host

IJ received his Master of Arts in Philosophy from Saint Mary’s University. His philosophical interest are in ethics, futurism, and philosophy of religion. In his free time he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Amos Dowber – Editor and Social Media Coordinator

Amos has an MA in theology from Regent College. His main interests are in medieval thought, metaphysics and philosophy of language. You can usually find him in a library, smoking a cigar, or making beer.

Submission Policy

Kazingram Dialogue invites submissions from writers, illustrators, and narrators; please review the following guidelines.


If you have an article idea or would like to write a rebuttal, please send us a proposal or completed draft at kazingrammag@gmail.com. Article and essay submissions can range from 700-4,500 words on culture, philosophy, political science, religion, and history.